Foods that increase your ability to maintain an erection

Foods for manhood

“The harder, the better” is what most women would agree. If you’re having a difficult time on maintaining your hardness, then don’t worry because one effective solution is through the use of VigRx found at, along with regular intake of certain foods.

Sildenafil citrate, or more commonly known as Viagra, is an active ingredient to aid in treating erectile dysfunction. Not only that, it would help improve your lasting power and libido in the sex department.

If you believe that your manhood needs a room for improvement but don’t know where to start, then just keep on reading! The essence of this article is not to cause more confusion but a lasting solution to your present problem.

Top 3 foods you need to eat

Sometimes, all you need is to tweak your food choices to obtain the results you want. The more you consume the mentioned meals, there’s a high guarantee that your erection and sex life will improve tremendously.

Most men who have erectile dysfunction have complications such as irregular blood flow, low libido, a significant decrease in testosterone level, and much more.


Take note, not all nuts can solve your erectile dysfunction so be careful on what you consume. Pistachios and almonds are two types of nuts you need in order to have a long lasting erection. Since this contains a protein that helps to regulate a person’s blood circulation, it evens out the distribution all over the body.


Bananas and any food that contains potassium are helpful to increase a person’s sex drive and at the same time, relax any tension in the body.

Dark chocolate

Consumption of 100% pure dark chocolate aids in increasing a person’s desire for sex. How? This is due to the flavonoids that take part in regenerating dead cells and maintaining the blood flow in the body.

Nuts, bananas and dark chocolate are few foods that are proven effective in helping men have a firm and lasting erection. The truth is, this is never enough so a product like VigRX is vital, it contains herbal ingredients to positively increase the libido of men.